Ablative Air


Space is a garbage dump. A swarm of defunct satellites, rocket boosters, and collision fragments currently circles our planet. Moving at incredible speeds, this debris is a threat to spacecraft – it’s why the International Space Station is moved once a month. Ultimately this rubble will trap people on earth.

We need to clean up our act – and you’re earth’s only hope.

As an Ablative Air pilot, you fly an advanced spacecraft that can blast this trash. Using powerful lasers, you can push orbiting junk back into the earth’s atmosphere where it incinerates harmlessly. Just make sure you protect the space station! An ISS explosion can create huge clouds of shrapnel, putting your very survival in jeopardy.

Fast-paced, complex action

  • Blast the trash orbiting the earth with 6 specialized power-ups
  • Work your way through 4 difficulty levels, including the devilishly hard “lemon difficult”
  • Prove your mettle during 3 unique sudden-death rounds
  • Win 30 distinctive achievement medals, including 4 top-secret Black Ops
  • Battle for supremacy and officer rank on four leaderboards
  • Compete with your friends. Game over screen tells you who’s on top

Realistic, 3D features

  • Photographically rendered earth, sun, moon, stars, and Milky Way
  • Debris paths with orbital dynamics and atmospheric drag
  • International audio from 5 spacefaring nations
  • Real-life debris currently tracked by NASA
  • Attract mode with space factoids and game-play tips
  • Ablative Air_capture_02 Ablative Air_capture_01 Ablative Air_capture_05 Ablative Air_capture_08 Ablative Air_capture_06 Ablative Air_capture_07 Ablative Air_capture_04 Ablative Air_capture_03

Ablative Air is a BlackBerry exclusive for the Z10 and Z30 and meets the stringent criteria for the Built for BlackBerry program.

Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry 10 experience.
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