Chord Love

I’ve finally released my app Chord Love for iOS – it’s been a great journey in learning Apple Swift and iOS apps. Firstly, I gotta say that I absolutely love Swift as a language – it’s darn-near perfect. And it was a great opportunity to completely re-write my trusty chord engine that I’d built ages ago for Chord Magic and SongBird Studio. The new chord engine is far more capable, easier to use, and gives better results – everything that you’ll probably be able to see in use if you download it and see for yourself.

My real job at CX3 Marketing has me rather busy for too many updates, but I’ll be back every once in a while with a post on the code behind the app.

In the meantime, here are some screen shots to give you an idea of what Chord Love can do.

Naming arbitrary chords

Main screen

Find every possible inversion of a chord

Finding chords

Tons of scales

Finding scales

Use circle of fifths to discover keys and chords in a key

Find keys

Chord Wizard gives you lots to explore about selected chords

Chord Wizard

Exploring chords, scales, and keys

Exploring chords, scales, and keys

Chord Love Configuration

Chord Love Configuration

Alternate tunings

Alternate tunings